About Control 360

This range of polypropylene foot orthoses are 100% Australian owned and designed by Orthotech Laboratory, in consultation with multiple Podiatrists. Orthotech Laboratory is a leading Podiatric foot orthotic laboratory, they have manufactured hundreds of thousands of prescription orthoses over a 20 year period. There is plenty of experience behind Control360!

Endorsed by

Dr Southerland

Control360 is endorsed by Dr Joe Southerland, DPM, who served as the Chief Editor of the 4th edition of McGlamry’s Comprehensive Textbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery which was released in 2012. He is a past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Podiatry Institute, a non-profit organisation dedicated to education in the profession, has been published extensively in medical journals and lectures regularly throughout the United States and abroad


Kahlil WilsonBHlthSc

Since starting his custom orthotic laboratory, Orthotech, in 1999, Kahlil has remained at the forefront of both innovative orthotic technology and superior custom-made materials to deliver world-class orthoses to Podiatrists.

Orthotech is now one of Australia’s largest – and most innovative – orthotic laboratories and goes far beyond orthotic manufacture. It serves to educate, offers webinars, reading material, online portals, podiatry student education, client tools, laboratory tours and more – all with the common goal of increasing the knowledge base around orthotic prescription – and the confidence of prescribing practitioners both in Australia and worldwide.

Kahlil’s interest in the fundamentals of human movement as well as physics has seen him develop his own 3D scanners for Podiatric use, alongside industry experts. Over a 20-year period, he has designed his own CAD software for custom orthotic design that is currently being used internationally. Orthotech has recently celebrated a major upgrade with their software now being 3D-print compliant, and are now leading the world in this in the orthotic field.

In 2013, Kahlil recognized a gap in the pre-made foot orthoses market for heat mouldable polypropylene orthotics of various designs, densities and cover options. With data for almost half a million foot scans and prescriptions, he had the tools to design the range of Control360 orthoses based on both the foot shape data and the most successful prescriptions.

Kahlil works internationally with Podiatric Universities, Podiatric Surgeons, Podiatrists working with national and international sporting teams, high-risk diabetic feet, and families of all ages and sizes. He also shares ownership of Melbourne Heel Pain and Melbourne Foot, Ankle & Walking Clinic, who work closely with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physicians and Podiatrists to provide excellence in evidence-based Podiatric care, to patients of all ages.

Outside of work, Kahlil spends his time with his wife and three children, and keeps busy coaching U10 basketball and enjoying downtime at the beach.

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Mark OuldBSc(Pod), PGradDip(Pod)

Mark boasts a long and impressive career in Podiatry, Forensics & Sports Medicine. Since establishing his practice, Malibu Podiatry, in 1993, Mark has been leading his team in delivering exceptional foot care in Western Australia. Having consistently achieved this, Malibu Podiatry was recognized as the ‘Business of the Year’ at the 2017 Rockingham-Kwinana Chamber of Commerce Regional Business Awards.

Mark is the current vice-chair of the Western Australian Regional Committee of the Australian Podiatry Association, an active member of Sports Medicine Australia, and has been a keynote speaker in a number of Australian Podiatry Association endorsed conferences around Australia and Singapore.

In 2000, Mark pursued his interest in Forensic Podiatry and forged an association with the Western Australia Police Service as a Forensic Podiatrist. He was involved in the training and education of Forensic Police Officers, providing evidence as an expert witness to both prosecution and defense cases. Having traveled to the USA to further his education in this field and with his vast experience, Mark has been asked to present at state Podiatry Conferences and to the Western Australia Police Services State Detectives Conference.

When he’s not busy working or organizing for thousands of pairs of socks to be distributed to those that need them in Tanzania, Mark enjoys his time with his wife, three children and a few rounds of golf.

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Andrew BullDipHlthSc(Pod)

Andrew has been delivering excellence in Sports Podiatry since 1992. Paired with his extensive knowledge in the effective orthotic prescription for sportsmen and women, Andrew’s role as the Principal Podiatrist & Director of Sydney Sports Podiatry has seen his team help thousands of active individuals overcome their lower limb problems and achieve their fitness, health and mobility goals.

His professional and personal interest in sports medicine has seen him consult to a myriad of elite athletes, including runners, triathletes, basketballers, tennis players and the like. He has also worked with a variety of impressive football teams, including the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union, the Australian Men’s and Women’s Sevens Rugby Teams, the Australian Rugby Union High Performance Unit and the Sydney Swans AFL Team – to name a few!

Andrew has lectured extensively in Australia on foot and leg biomechanics, as well as running several workshops at the NSW Podiatry Conference, the Sports Medicine Australia Conference, and recently the Rugby Codes Symposium in 2018. He has been invited to present to the Singaporean podiatrists association in 2019.

Andrew is also a reserve-listed Army Infantry Officer and has previously represented Australia several times in Thundercat Racing (surf inflatable powerboats), as well as serving two years as National President of the Thundercat Racing Club of Australia.

Outside of work, Andrew is the proud father of three sporty teenagers, and has enjoyed coaching kids football and rugby for many years.

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Scott PangrazioBHlthSc (Pod)

Since graduating in 2011, Scott’s special interest in sports injury rehabilitation and effective orthotic prescription has seen him flourish in his role of Principal Podiatrist at the Melbourne Foot, Ankle & Walking Clinic, as well as at Melbourne Heel Pain.

Having worked closely with one of Australia’s largest custom orthotic laboratories, Orthotech, Scott has developed comprehensive knowledge in all fields of orthotic prescription, design, and manufacture. He has run workshops on orthotic prescription to a number of allied health professionals, as well as advising other podiatrists on confident and effective prescribing. During this time, Scott has also been involved in the development of orthotic modifications to assist with the management of plantar heel pain.

This extensive experience has seen him excel in running the Walking & Heel Pain clinics, helping his patients overcome their problems with plantar heel pain, Achilles tendon dysfunction, and numerous of gait-related pains and issues. Scott works with patients of all ages wanting to achieve their goals, including kids, adults and high-level athletes from national basketball and soccer teams, AFL teams and marathon runners.
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